What is the difference in Alkaline and ORP?

We all remember the pH scale from high school science classes. One side of the scale is acidic and the other is alkaline. Water is typically neutral landing right in the middle at 7, but what if having more alkaline water between 8-9.5 allowed our bodies to do what it does best?

pH Scale and Alkaline Water

You will find many bottles of alkaline water on the shelves that offer higher pH ratings in the 8-9.5 pH scale. Simply having a higher pH only allows the name "alkaline" and doesn't give you the ORP benefits of true premium alkaline water which we all need.

pH Scale
ORP Scale

Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)

What makes alkalinity work with the body is the ability to reduce acids, or oxidation reduction potential (ORP). The lower the ORP, the quicker it reduces acidic states. Many bottles of "alkaline" water on the shelves offer higher pH but do not offer much lower ORP than some municipal tap waters offer. Our premium alkaline water is tested regularly to make sure a negative ORP rating is being produced!

Micro Clusters and Absorption

Our ability to create micro clusters in our premium alkaline water allows the cells to have super absorption as you drink.

water clusters diagram

This allows you to hydrate quickly at any time!


To learn more about the benefits of Premium Alkaline Water

Go Alkaline® are not medical professionals, we do not make any health claims. Many health practitioners and doctors recommend Alkaline Water and diet for their patients. Most of our clients have reported both the quality and taste of our premium alkaline water and have felt benefits of drinking alkaline water that have made a difference in their health. We recommend visiting with your physician before consuming alkaline water if any of these potential benefits concern you.