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is about educating consumers on the benefits of drinking premium alkaline water and how you can add a premium alkaline kiosks to your business

Go Alkaline! wants you to enjoy the best water

Learn more about alkaline water and how to find the true benefits of both high pH and low ORP to get the most from your water!

What is alkalinity and how both pH and ORP work together?

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Alkalinity is a powerful antioxidant that can improve some conditions like acid reflux, diabetes, and high blood pressure. What other conditions do you suffer from?

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Go Alkaline H2O

One of the fastest growing premium alkaline water companies with kiosks and retail alkaline stores all over the United States. Through the science we offer the combination of high pH and low ORP so our consumers get the most benefits from their premium alkaline water. If you are interested in owning a Premium Alkaline Kiosk, or water vending machine, or are interested in having one placed at your location, please contact us today!


I love my alkaline water from Go Alkaline H2o, it helps me stay hydrated on my hikes and our activities outdoors. My favorite part is how amazing the water tastes, I can't get anything better anywhere else!

Brea T

Brea T

My family and I have been buying purified water for many years, but when we tried premium alkaline water it was a whole new world. My husband's acid reflux problems resided and my kids love the water and the way it tastes. I wish we had been getting alkaline water sooner than we did!

Jasmine F

Jazmine F

Some of our many partners in Premium Alkaline Kiosks

Would you like to own a Premium Alkaline Kiosk?

Our dealers are able to place their alkaline water kiosk offering passive income to them. Maintenance is very low and easily accomplished allowing a growing network of kiosks nationwide very quickly. If you'd like to know more, please click below:

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