Do you suffer from:

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acidic conditions

These all caused by acid conditions!

How our food and drinks effect our body's natural alkalinity

Our consumption daily drains our body's alkaline buffers and brings us to acidosis. Everything from drinks to the foods we cook and eat bring a constant barrage of acids to our bodies.

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Go Alkaline


Go Alkaline is real alkalinity water that has chelated minerals that helps neutralize acid and lower the

Oxidation-reduction potential (-ORP).

Don’t settle for water that uses cheap Calcium bicarbonate or Sodium bicarbonate!

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Body of Water

Our body is over 60% water!

So much of our body is made up of water, what we put in it is so important to what we get out of it. "75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated... and is a frequent cause of hospital admission." So keeping ourselves hydrated and with premium alkaline water is important!

The Growing Problem

Over 60 million empty bottles thrown away every day! Less than 20% of plastic bottles get recycled. It takes 1000 years to break down a plastic water bottle.

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saving bottles

How we can help save bottles!

By using our Premium Alkaline Kiosks and refilling your bottles, together we can help save the plastics in our world and create a better tomorrow for our children. Join us today and try our amazing tasting premium alkaline water at any one of our locations!

Go Alkaline® are not medical professionals, we do not make any health claims. Many health practitioners and doctors recommend Alkaline Water and diet for their patients. Most of our clients have reported both the quality and taste of our premium alkaline water and have felt benefits of drinking alkaline water that have made a difference in their health. We recommend visiting with your physician before consuming alkaline water if any of these potential benefits concern you.